The last coastal rainforest in East Africa

“We spent 5 days here on a trip through Africa and found it hard to leave! I would recommend this hotel to anyone seeking an active, romantic or just relaxed holiday. “

- George, Holidaycheck

Ever heard of the Zanzibar Duiker or the Elephant Shrew? — No? Let’s change that!

Stretching from the fisher town of Kilifi in the south up to the regional hub Malindi in the north, the Arabuko Sokoke rainforest awaits you right outside the gates of the Temple Point Resort. As the last costal rainforest on the continent, the Arabuko is home to various endemic species and considered not only by bird enthusiasts one of the absolute highlights in all of East Africa.

Explore the rainforest during a relaxed cycling or hiking tour and get to know over 500 different species of colourful birds and butterflies. Our animations team will be happy to accompany you and provide expert knowledge about all the wonders inside this mystical forest.