diving in the indian ocean

The diversity of the Indian Ocean brought to you with that ‘little’ EXTRA.

Dive into the astonishing underwater world with Temple Point and EXTRA Divers, the dice center located on our compound.

Matthias is the dive instructor und his goal is to make your dives unforgettable.

Click on the video below to get to know him and our dive center.

diving site - watamu marine national park

Most diving sites are located within the marine national park of Watamu where you can find the most versatile diving spots.

Big overhangs, slights dips, channels are the perfect cornerstones for many different marine species. Whether you meet tiny sea slugs, turtles in all sizes or whale sharks - every dive is just so different!

16 diving sites with depths from 5 meters (16 ft) to 45 meters (150 ft) are reachable by boat in 20 - 40 minutes. The water temperature is between 75 -80 degrees Fahrenheit all year long. The possibility to do drift dives and night dives or explore old shipwrecks makes Watamu the most exciting diving site of Kenya.

Oh and by the way: Depending on the season you see humpback whales and dolphins crossing along…


Please click here to see all diving prices. We’re accepting allmajor credit cards, cash and MPESA


  • Drying room

  • Underwater camera rentals

  • 2 dive boats with O2 resuce sets

  • 50 x 12liter aluminium bottles

  • INT-Adapters

  • Nitrox for a small fee (4€ per bottle)

  • 12 completely new equipment byAqualung

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