The vast beauty of the Indian Ocean with a little ‘EXTRA’ magic. Dip into a new, strange and beautiful underwater world with Temple Point Resort and Matthias from EXTRA Divers Dive Centres, located within of the resort. This new and secret diving paradise of the Watamu Marine Park surprises with its diversity of very small and very big marine life. The large migrating groups of humpback whales, whale sharks and dolphins are the joy of Watamu’s coast line. The love and deep knowledge Matthias has for sharks will make your dive experience unforgettable, leaving you with adrenaline pumping through your veins and a new love and respect for these fascinating animals.


kite surfing

Watamu is simply one of the best kite surfing spots worldwide but not many know that yet. This means miles of incredible kite playground just for you. Kilometers of white sandy beaches, perfect on shore cross winds for almost the whole year and an award-winning kite school partnership make our kite spots a paradise for every kite surfer at any level.



Want to try something new? Check out our archery and hit the bullseye. Our guest experience team will help you practise your focus and you might be aiming at a new passion. 


Deep Sea Fishing

Watamu is probably the best place in the world to catch every type of billfish, and we collaborate with experienced local fishermen who will help you to fish them. We are supporters of Watamu's marine conservation program, so we are encourage you to 'catch & release'.

But of course we will prepare your catch for dinner if it's grown big enough! 



Our tennis courts invite you to practice your back hand or goof around with your travel buddy. Get your sweat on and have fun. 


snorkeling with dolphins

Mingle with the fish and discover the colours of recovering and healthy coral reef. Nando, our captain, will take you out to find dolphins and if you have your lucky charm with you, you might end up swimming with a majestic whale shark. 



  • Kickboxing
  • Pool Table  
  • Table Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Kayaking
  • SUPs 
  • Bicycle hire
  • Beach games 
  • Golf
  • Bootcamp
  • Aqua Gym
  • Giant pool floaters