The open and friendly Giriama tribe which dominates Kenya's coastal region enriches Watamu with its colourful way of life, artwork and history. Places like the Gede Ruins are relics of the Arabic past and date back over 600 years. 


Nightlife / lifestyle

Watamu offers a variety of nightlife entertainment. The international ComeBack club lets you dance through the night to African and western music. Bars such as Red Lion, Car Wash or Pilipan create the perfect setting for you to mingle with the locals, party on the beach or enjoy the sunset with a drink in hand. 




Not far from the hotel you will find the small village of Watamu. Hidden within the old fishing village are various treats to be found. Buy your own octopus at the vibrant turning point of Gede or try the local donuts at the market in Timboni. Amongst cultural African food, you will find delicious Italian ice cream, restaurants and cafes as a result of the culinary Italian influence in the region.