the blue safari

Thanks to our special location our guests can enjoy the excitement of a safari not only in the Kenyan savanna but also visiting the residents of the Indian Ocean and the Mida Creek. Our hotel boat and its captain are waiting for you with a very special day out on the water. This safari takes you out to see the dolphins (seasonal), swim and snorkel at the marine park's coastline and end the day inside the creek's mangrove channels, with its diverse bird population. As a special add-on we will take you on a private BBQ to one of our secret spots in the creek.


local ocean conservation

One of the highlights in Watamu is clearly the Local Ocean Conservation, also known as Watamu's turtle watch. They monitor and protect nesting female sea turtles, their nests and hatchlings. If turtles accidentally get caught by local fishermen they tag and release them to save these majestic animals and monitor their population. Sick turtles are brought to their rehabilitation center where you can visit the turtles and learn everything about their incredible work. During nesting season you can adopt a nest and will get informed as soon as the hatchlings crawl into the ocean. Please get in touch with us if you want to adopt a nest or click the button below to donate to the Local Ocean Conservation directly.


Marafa (Hell's Kitchen)

After millions of years, the forces of sand, wind and rain have created one of the most fascinating natural spectacles in all of Africa. Not far from Malindi, the bizarre canyons and colourful rock formations of “Hell’s Kitchen”, as the locals refer to it, rise into the sky.

According to an age-old Kenyan legend, the deep abysses of Hell’s Kitchen were formed by divine anger. Rumour has it that there once was a rich but decadent family that took great pleasure in bathing in the highly precious milk of their cows. God punished them by ordering the ground beneath their village to open up and swallow the entire family.


Dhow Trip

Dhows are the traditional boats of the Indian Ocean. They are believed to have been developed by Arabic or Indian cultures between 600 BC to 600 AC. The design of the boats hardly changed since, giving them a rustic and cosy feeling. At the hotel we offer private hires, sundowner trips, special dinners and booze cruises until the sun lets the moon take over. This is one of our favourite trips because of its incredible setting under the stars. 


Gede Ruins

Entangled by ancient baobab trees, the ruins of this once thriving Arabic-Swahili settlement rise from the heart of the Kenyan jungle. Listen to the mystical silence of the ancient buildings and learn about their history. To this very day nobody knows why they were so suddenly abandoned in the late 16th century.



Tuk Tuk Trip

Visit Watamu and its surrounding areas, enjoying Kenyan culture in the back of these quirky and fun little rides. Let the driver take you to the local community restaurant Crab Shack, where you can see one of Kenya's most amazing sunsets. Or go grab an ice cream at Non-Solo Gelato - it is to die for, take our word for it.


BIO Ken Snake Farm

Visit the internationally renowned Bio Ken Snake Farm, the most important producer of antidote in all of East Africa. Discover 30 different poisonous and non-poisonous species. Learn about these feared but also fascinating creatures. In the end you might want to pet them, because they'll let you. 


Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya National Park was created in 1949 to protect the mountain and its environment from development and destruction. The Mount Kenya Forest Reserve encircles the national park and the two areas, combined, are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Mount Kenya and its three peaks stand a magnificent 5199 m above sea level, second highest in Africa, after Mount Kilimanjaro (5,895m).

Our guides will lead you up the mountain for you to achieve a summit you’ll never forget. Our staff back at the hotel will celebrate your success with a well-deserved and relaxing beach holiday end to your adventure. 



Kilimanjaro Kopie.jpg

The highest freestanding mountain in the World, one of the most famous summits to be reached and a real challenge. Follow in the footsteps of Hans Meyer and Ludwig Purtscheller who first climbed the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro in 1889. Challenge the three volcanic cones “Kibo", "Mawenzi", and "Shira" and rise to the top of Africa at 5,895 m above sea level.

Let us help you organise this once in a lifetime journey. Our guides on the mountain and the staff at the hotel will set you up on the perfect trip, from flights to tour essentials and little specials. We also can help with combining the summit with a safari at Amboseli National Park or simply set everything up for a relaxing holiday by the beach after the mountain.


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